And to optimize the geometry of FD2, to calm the behavior of the limit range

In FD2 Civic TYPE-R development program, to be pull out the time in Tsukuba circuit course 2000 DC5 Integra TYPE-R had become proposition. As a result, it is the fact there are many unsuitable part except in Tsukuba Circuit Although the finished faster car than DC5. Especially roll center of the front is too low in the geometry, since the roll axis are too tilted forward, it has become abruptly oversteer occurs characteristics. Therefore, raising the front roll center, and then to calm the behaviour of the limit range by suppressing the forward tilting of the roll axis. The lowdown to have the car, of course, is highly effective geometry parts in car sales in the normal state. Because the arm angle at the time of roll also becomes appropriate, it can be firmly grip the out side tire when cornering. As a result, it will deliver a variety of effects, such as improvement of uneven wear suppression of cornering speed.