DYNO TUNING - JC Racing offers the most professional and expert dyno tuning and ECU mapping and reprogramming services for your car. On top of that, we have in store the latest 4WD Dynojet machine to gauge the horsepower in your vehicle. Also, we have the best talent in town specializing in Hondata ECU for K20A engines.

PARTS INSTALLATION - JC Racing offers truly professional parts installation services for your car. Comprehensive knowledge and tuning are ] poured into your car to ensure it running smoothly. Better still, get top quality Mugen, Tanabe, Nology, Toda Racing etc. parts from our store.

TRACK CAR RENTAL - Looking for some mean machines to burn the track? Look no further than what Team JC Racing has to offer. Class A, B, C Saloon touring track cars for rent. Our professional team is always ready to support.

CAR SERVICING - Regular car services, repair and maintenance are offered here too. Your car needs the care and maintenance to perform optimally and it definitely deserves the best from JC Racing.