J's Racing presents a stainless exhaust for an excellent throttle response and increased power, an exhaust born from the feedback of popular titanium FX technology.

The primary objective of the RR exhaust is "Power & Response". By eliminating the CAT (Catalytic Converter) and making the main pipe diameter 70mm, we have reduced the exhaust resistance to the minimum. As an exhaust designed for racing use only should be, the power gain is simply amazing.

This straight shaped exhaust produces the unrestricted comfortable sound with the high pitched tone typical of stainless. When the rev hits the VTEC, you will be immersed with the emotional uplift from the burst of high notes.

This exhaust is also designed for the ultimate lightness. The main pipe is made of 1.2mm SUS304 stainless (the silencer section is 1mm) .The flanges are made ultra thin and the fitting metal uses hollow structure. The weight reduction contributes to the enhanced maneuverability and raises the vehicle potential dramatically. The surface of the silencer is well polished and has a titanium- like"Blue Polish Finish" with the beautiful gradation. This is a special exhaust to bring you a victory.