KAAZ's performance gear oil is specially formulated for your genuine KAAZ Limited Slip Differential. Using the most advanced formula's, our gear oil is designed to protect your components with high temperature stability and high shock load protection. KAAZ Genuine Oil obtains our exclusive friction modifier blended into the gear oil in order to reduce hypoid gear noise and chattering while offering smooth operational usage. Our GL-5 80W90 weight oil is safe to use on front wheel drive transmissions as well as any transfer case containing our limited slip differential.

How much oil is contained in 1 canister?
Each canister contains 2.0 Liters of oil (2.1 quarts)

What type of base oil is KAAZ's fluid?
Our oils are premium mineral based, we do not recommend synthetic at this time.

Why can't I use synthetic oil for my limited slip differential whether or not it is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?
When using synthetic fluids, we found during testing minor deposits of film residue on the surface of the clutch discs. This actually causes the friction plates to slip abruptly, translating into more noise and chattering during operational usage. Synthetic fluids may be recommended for rally spec vehicles which see majority of gravel usage common of encountering jumping or uneven terrain, synthetic fluids may aid in slippage to prevent major shock during one wheel contact landing. The initial shock encountered during one-wheel contacts may cause harm to the transmission/differential.

How often should I change out my differential oil?
It depends, our recommendation for street vehicles rarely driven on tracks should be changed every 3,500 to 5,500 miles or every other motor oil change. Racecars may need more or less oil changes, this is dependent on vehicle usage as well. Some general enthusiast may not know that differential oil can sometimes reach temperatures of 350F/180C at which point most oils will breakdown. Once operating temperatures reach this degree, viscosity levels will lower therefore not providing sufficient lubrication for differential operation. Do not be fooled by others suggesting oil's should not be changed for 20,000 miles...like your engine, differential's produce friction and wear, provide your differential a clean and healthy operational environment.

I want thicker or heavier weight oil, is this OK?
"Thicker or Heavier" oils are not necessary benificial. Often, thick or heavy oils may require more energy to work through, and in some cases can increase stress and component fatigue. Usually viscousity levels are designed to work within spec of bearing and component clearances, so make sure your oil is comparable to ensure proper and safe operation.

Does using KAAZ OIL really help and benefit my Limited Slip Differential?
From our past customers, we've always recieved compliments stating after trying other oils, KAAZ Genuine oils have worked the best. A smoother more optimal performance was achieved when compared to other oils. A key element was minimal operational noise and chattering accomplished after using KAAZ Geniune Powertrain Fluids. Customers with front wheel drive applications also noticed better gear feedback when engaged in up-shifting and down-shifting. Reports were also made that transmissions with slight grinds before using KAAZ oil had significantly improved.