NOLOGY Power Core
The PowerCore ignition coil amplifier increases ignition coil output performance of any inductive ignition system by up to 50%. A hotter, more powerful spark ignites every fuel/air mixture much quicker, more reliably and more efficiently; thus increasing horsepower and torque, whereas fuel consumption and emissions are decreased. This never before available technology is truly revolutionary and is the most economical way to step up the power of any electronic or points inductive ignition system. Coil rise and saturation time is much shorter. PowerCore is absolutely essential for high compression and/or high rpm engines, and all lean-burn applications. For maximum horsepower and high rpm reliability, use PowerCore . PowerCore is the perfect ignition upgrade for vehicles where the ignition coil is incorporated within the distributor, (Honda , Acura, General Motors). Simply connect the PowerCore amplifier to the stock coil and get up to 50% more spark power.

The PowerCore Technology
Think of it as a supercharger for the coil. A supercharged engine (same displacement), makes a lot more power. Same is true for the PowerCore coil amplifier. The coil size stays the same, but the energy that is stored in the PowerCore is supplied to the coil, resulting in added spark energy and higher possible spark voltage. Just like the supercharger, which accelerates engine rpm climbing-rate, the PowerCore accelerates coil saturation time. What does Nology's PowerCore has to offer in three words or less? More power, quicker!

If you're not using PowerCore™, you're not going as fast as you could be.

Only for electronic or points inductive ignition systems.Do PowerCore on CD ignitions.

For Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles

For ignition systems with active current limiting and all automotive applications Model Year 1990 and newer.

For ignition systems without active current limiting and most automotive applications Model Year 1990 and older with 2.5 to 3 Ohm ignition coils.

For all points inition system. Please check Application Guide for the correct PowerCore for your vehicle. PowerCore for Harley-Davidson Don't be left behind. Join the long list of Harley-Davidson Drag-racers who are winning races using the PowerCore™ coil amplifiers. More Top-Fuel races are won using PowerCore™ and HotWires than in any other motorsport.

For street driving and 3 Ohm ignition coils.

For Harley-Davidson Drag-Racing

For all points inition system.