MUGEN Brake Rotor
Brake rotor sizing plays an important role in increasing brake torque. The "advanced complete brake system" uses 320mm diameter brake rotors, a 20mm increase over the factory brake rotors. MUGEN also increased the thickness of the brake rotor 3mm, from 25mm to 28mm. This change allowed MUGEN to increase the number and size of the internal cooling vanes to optimize rotor cooling. The holes also decrease un sprung and rotational weight. Five grooves are milled into each side of the rotor to remove dust and keep the surface area clean. Lastly, the brake rotors are produces using a special high carbon material to resist cracking and other stress related failures

The width, depth and angle of these grooves were all determined through testing to find the correct balance between coefficient of friction and brake performance. The grooves are also milled asymmetrically front to rear to minimize any unpleasant brake judder.

High rotor temperatures experienced during sporting and circuit racing can lead to component failure MUGEN developed their "reserved bench configuration disc" technology to minimize rotor temperature build up and prevent failures. Brake performance is more consistent using this technology. Cooling holes also increase brake performance through more efficient cooling.