For a standard feature of the boost controller
4ch setting is possible by duty variable control of the manual type. Option equipment and functions that can be used in a simple manner without special configuration is such as PEAK display / WARNING / LIMITTER / SCRAMBLE.

The function of the radio unit
It also designed a single function of 1ch type from cost current. SW is 1 button type. For example, radio capable of control in is the one that switched to the CH which is set in advance by pressing the SW if you said that want to lower to want or 0.8Hkpa raised to 1.5Hkpa to running at 1.0Hkpa. Therefore, if this case is raised, you need to set in advance of the CH lower. Also, it can't be performed by a raised or lowered at the same time. In addition, also available as scramble SW such as varying the constant time boost by skip to scramble mode.

Boost controller standard function
4ch of duty variable control can be set manually. The function simply can be use without other option equipment with a special selling display PEAK / WARNING / LIMITTER / SCRAMBLE and others.

Wireless unit function
Set by a single function of 1ch type (SW is a 1 button type). For example, its possible to control by wireless if we want to boost up current running 1.0Hkpa to 1.5Hkpa or decrease to 0.8Hkpa by changing into CH set before the SW is push. Therefore in this case, its necessary to set CH whether up or low beforehand but cannot raise and lower at the same time. In addition, scramble SW that is change able can be used as for boost during the fixed time when turn into scramble mode.