the product air intake duct was made by carbon of homemade is lightweight, and strength does not have any problem, too. in addition, it was made the form of curve gradual as much as possible in limited space, and restrain inhalation resistance. However, even if the form is the same vehicle type, it is different by the presence or absence that have supercharger and it is the optimal form. This intake duct shows a chamber effect together with speed improvement by the lamb pressure, and even at the time of peak power outbreak, air sufficient with enough capacity is supplied. Also in the feel of a material of carbon there is no compromise. And we are particular about the beautiful appearance of the product itself.

Filter Choice
Anymore, goes without saying about filter itself, we adopted high-density multi layer cotton made in the K&N company which is superior in a dust collection effect. We choose the filter of the most suitable shape which matches a character and the filter case shape of the vehicle. It is hard to be affected by the heat by carbon filter case that cut off heat , moreover speed the time of the inhalation is elevated by the shape design of the filter part by leaps and bounds filling-up efficiency is stabilizes and improves. Further, control performance degradation of high load consecutive intake.

Reliable quality
GruppeM RAM AIR SYSTEM of genuine product is attached the serial license plate to each ,andmerchandise manages by this serial number, and guarantee of quality for six months is given in late years, please be careful because a lot of copy products are sold.

The K&N filter recyclable by washing, so makes the wonderful long life possible. The filter washer without damaging cotton of a material, decompose strongly and washes dirt permeated. After washing and drying, by infiltration of dedicated filter oil, performance of same level as new one is restored, and capability of a filter is shown 100%. In addition, unnecessary waste is not discharge, and by exhaust gas examination when it equips with a k&N filter, cleared regulation in all the countries of the world. So even the owner having high environmental awareness can be used at ease.